I was handed a camera in eighth grade, after exasperated school officials couldn’t think of any other alternatives for this “gifted and talented” student. I put that in quotes because we all have gifts and talents. And super powers.

Anyway this act became a huge disappointment for my parents, for my previous aspirations to be a doctor imploded the day I saw my first images. Even though I’m far past eighth grade (a good thing, really) I still get excited by the photographic image. I shoot both commercially and for fine art projects, using both digital and with traditional silver-based processes.

My method is to create an honored space for ordinary things.  My subjects may seem incongruent - people, produce, studies of detritus - but I work to expose the shared experience of sturdiness in the cycle of life.  Whether animal, mineral, or vegetable, I strive to do a character study in still life form.  Pock marks, irregular shapes and wrinkles may be evident in some images; a creamy beauty shows in others.  Through both a narrative of the nuances of life begins to materialize.