I create an honored space for ordinary things.  My subjects may seem incongruent - people, produce, studies of detritus - but I work to expose the shared experience of sturdiness in the cycle of life.  Whether animal, mineral, or vegetable, I strive to do a character study in still life form.  Pock marks, irregular shapes and wrinkles may be evident in some images; a creamy beauty shows in others.  Through both a narrative of the nuances of life begins to materialize.

The last gallery might seem like an anomaly.  "Unimpeded" is a portrait study of winter bike commuters.  I've been a year-round biker in Minneapolis for the past eight years, and I've noticed a huge rise in winter riders each year.  Since we are so often shrouded in darkness and protective clothing, I thought it fitting to put a face to the rest of the community.  One might assume winter bikers are all 20-something barristas, but I've photographed doctors, warehouse workers, teachers, accountants, writers, community advocates and more.  There is little nuance about these riders, but I think they share the experience of sturdiness with my other photographic subjects.